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What the great man do when led industry is poor?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-25
          Shenzhen Risen OPTo Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china.This year LED industry downturn, weak backlighting demand and the price fell two applications, each vendor had to find another way. In addition to the development of textile Wang Qi lights, Everlight also cut sweeping robot, crystal power push UV LED; three Yasunori cooperation with the military R & D LiFi visible light communication.

          LED lighting this year the price is too kill, backlight demand than expected, leading Taiwan-based LED full ethnic profit plunged. Upstream epitaxial crystal power plant Q3 operating loss of more than 1.5 billion yuan (NT, the same below), for the history of the most miserable; packaging leader billion light Q3 after-tax earnings per share of 0.96 yuan, compared with same period last year greatly reduced more than 4 percent, reflecting the industry extremely sluggish.

          Various manufacturers are trying to find a way out, this year's annual forum in October organized by LEDinside, Epistar, HPLighting and other upstream firms, talking about UV LED application, replace mercury used for printing curing, semiconductor curing, sterilization and other markets . In addition, earlier this year, also issued a crystal power gallium nitride for the silicon-based power supply, power supply module LED bulb volume of significantly reduced R & D vice president Xie Mingxun Epistar said that the future can be applied even in laptops, mobile phones and other power devices the charger shrink to the size of a thumb.

           Everlight product line dispersion, the degree of impact by backlighting lower than the same industry, but also pushing new applications. Everlight traditional SMD package for consumer appliances market, the original share is high and profits than backlighting, also played recently billion light infrared LED module is used for sweeping robot touch contact sensor, in addition to extensive use of the European and American markets, Asia the rapid growth.

           Wang Qi Release textiles lights, the use of automated machine, the LED die organized into yarn, the main sports apparel and other consumer markets; in addition, Wang Qi with small spacing display Kanban experience, this year entered the transparent display billboards, wearable display Kanban field, the former for the department store windows, supermarkets, neither hinder the display of goods, but also push the advertising message; the latter will drive the IC package in combination with the RGB into the flexible soft board, used in election vest, event advertising .

           In addition to the mainland chip maker Sanan branched out into gallium arsenide field, the future will supply China PA (power amplifier) ??design outside the company, but also the wisdom to develop lighting applications LiFi visible light communication with the Shanghai Aerospace, but is currently limited to military R & D cooperation .
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