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Office "pet": handsome small lights

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-24
          Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.If you put something on a piece only nothing desk, required to meet the needs of work and study, and also to make this small space lively and interesting, I might choose the "small light person (Lampster)".

          "Lampster" is a lamp, but form the owner / robot, perhaps this is the designer named it one of the reasons small lamp. People looked very Meng small lights, to the desktop pendulum, once people feel angry with. This is probably the biggest selling point, in addition to lighting, can also use as a decoration.

           Its head (or face) is a lamp light source, the recycling of old lights refitted, gently press the brass buttons on his head will be light, it looks like a little superhero in-emitting.

           This table lamp is a Los Angeles design team Raudu & Andrew flashes coming out of new ideas. Designer Radu suddenly want a special lamp light, hope it is like a super hero coolly stood in front of himself, and he wants to direct his own recycling old motorcycle headlights mounted on this table lamp.

           Radu find his past partner Andrew tried to ask him, "Do you think to design such a thing? Make it a cool shape it?" The result is two hit it off again, to tinker with a few months to make The first models.

            Let small lamp is very clever is that big head would turn. It can rotate 360 degrees, that is, you can put a variety of positions for it, look at you in your studio quietly you, look at you when you do it (as if) incredible thing, what .

            Internally mounted light source, there are two general LED lamps and RGB LED lights, which can be even more super-hero mode, used to create different colors and blinking frequency of the lighting effects, the use of mobile applications to manipulate. And because it converted from disused lights, so irradiation range can be large, it also can be adjusted manually.

           The main material is metal and plastic lamp, the head is made of steel, the neck with a polished aluminum body was plastic. On this basis, by the designer to paint and painted it a different color and pattern.

           Currently there are seven colors Standard Edition, and another uniform (made above mottled rust), art style, and three two-tone textured style options, but also the villain of the chest, Logo and letters painted on the individual on his head. If the customer wants a more personalized, then a small light person private custom painting also possible, for style, color, or pattern, they can put forward their own ideas and needs.
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