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Robot to be mobile phone lamp, MIT play a new height

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-23
         Shenzhen Risen OPTo Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier.MIT can be regarded as a real hit space, often there are a variety of people in front of a bright things were created. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, a new development of a robot named LineFORM snake prototype, this robot is as flexible as a snake, you can not even see it has any skeleton, can change many kinds of different structures, can become a mobile phone, table lamp and other bones, etc.. The laboratory said that the development of this robot is to change our life style, so that the robot to replace our mobile phone, table lamp and a series of mobile devices.

         In the lab released a video, the robot is beginning to be used as a bracelet to wear, when a phone call comes in, the robot will soon become the shape of the phone, the staff even put it as a touch screen phone in the above demonstration.
         LineFORM also acts as a cable potential. When a light bulb is given, it can supply energy by connecting the power supply to the lamp, and at the same time it becomes a bracket, like a lamp. In addition, turning its body can change the brightness of the light bulb. It can also transfer files, and the computer is connected to the computer, when the transfer file is selected, it will immediately shake the body, like in a steady flow of energy.
         Finally, it can become your fitness trainer, you don't know how to exercise, if you don't know how to exercise, let it come to teach you how to. After the robot is wrapped around your arm, the robot will move your arm automatically, so as to achieve the effect of the flexibility of the body and arm.
Of course, although the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab to make a LineFORM prototype, but some things such as phone calls or brain hole. Follmer Sean, head of the lab, said they felt the next generation of mobile devices should be such a flexible and changeable.
         For the idea of the big hole in the brain, small series is also marvel, the foreign child is really going to play. And whether they can achieve these functions, the small series of consulting industry after a number of people, we find that we are difficult to unify the views.
Positive side: this really is not difficult
         Certainly A: "snake like robot, are steering link, really is not difficult, mainly is the steering gear niubi. For example, you think it's just a part of what we see (the lower part of the machine), and the other part (upper computer). The host computer received a phone call, that is a phone to enter, for the lower machine servo control, the steering gear rotation into a phone...... This really is not difficult."
          B: "it's not too difficult to control the multi degree of freedom control technology! Maybe the structure design is very clever, but it must be a good interaction! People are either control or sensor to trigger and call only need to add a 4G module, of course would be added to the mic and earphone, Nokia straight machine circuit board is very small, remove the plug into it. If this is a difficult problem, I feel a little more."
          C: This is difficult to achieve the external skeleton, because each person's body is not the same, the sensor accuracy requirements are very high, close fitting, the steering gear and algorithms, computing ability are very high. If it is to call the deformation of those, change the lamp, relatively simple and too much. Because the change is not big, the algorithm is very simple, the scene is single. Because the caller can be seen as an instruction, to do the appropriate action to change, into different shapes, good coordination of the relevant steering gear on the line."
The negative side: it is impossible to achieve those functions
          Opposition D: "the information is too small, I can not determine the principle of the robot. But I know that genetic algorithm and reinforcement learning are good, so that the robot can change its shape in different environments. Video, especially to see the back of the structure of the video will be found that the structure is the combination of the steering gear, the deformation of the way should be achieved through genetic algorithm. But to implement those functions, the brain is too big. Moreover, the genetic algorithm is not so fast... So the conclusion is that I still go back to the earth, MIT is a martian."

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