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LED devices SleepCogni help you sleep the whole night

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-21
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china.Want to have a good sleep at night this seemingly simple but very difficult, it is estimated that about 50000000 to 70000000 American adults all kinds of problems in the aspect of sleep. As we on the dependence of the electronic equipment is more and more big, the sleep quality began to suffer. , according to a study out of the electronic equipment of the blue light can affect the human body the production of melatonin, which affect the quality of our sleep. Richard Mill developed a product from the UK, it is said that can help most people to solve the problem of sleep difficulty, ensure that the user's quality of sleep. The name of this product is called SleepCogni, at the time of use, high above the user will be placed a small square frame, by judging the user now sleep, this box to light, sound or vibration to allow the user to enter a state of relaxat.

        SleepCogni appearance looks very much like a desk lamp, it has a base is equipped with a USB charging, adjustable support frame, a very thin, the tail end of the support frame with built-in speakers and LED lighting. The stents can collect from the signal on the fingerboard, clip refers to the board in assembling the heart rate monitor, accelerometer, pressure sensor and temperature sensor.

SleepCogni installation is first measured after the user changes in heart rate at rest time. According to the data, the system will generate the corresponding strategy to users in the later use process to help with SleepCogni will sleep heart rate of the body down to 50 times per minute. This set of adjusting methods not only need to rely on the user's physiological condition, also need to according to bedroom environment, such as temperature, noise, light to cooperate. SleepCogni tail LED lights, located in the upper facial users when using, first of all, it sets off the color and frequency random light, then slow to these changes in light and dark, color shift from green to amber, finally is red.

         SleepCogni speakers can send different different violin music and rhythm, by means of music to the user's heart rate decrease. Speaker of the music is on the square tail frame SleepCogni uniform broadcast, for the user to create an immersive enjoyment.

        Through light and sound to keep our body's biological clock in a particular channel is a very meaningful thing; Many of the products in order to achieve this goal is in constant in-depth research and development. Such as controllable fan, soothing mood earplugs, emit light bulbs, and so on. SleepCogni is through the body's physiological data as a trigger, through the analysis and calculation of transmission of vibration, the proper light and sound, to relieve the user's mood, let users better sleep.

         SleepCogni by three kinds of sensory stimulation to the user the relaxation of the mood, the official said they constantly in the process of development through user feedback for the adjustment of the product. Allegedly, during the research and development of SleepCogni, developers in the university of Sheffield nahallal, with the use of part of the crowd in the test, to participate in the test of 50% said their sleep quality improved, 40% said they got to extend their sleep time.

         Once the user enters the sleep after SleepCogni stents can automatically adjust the position of the height. Connection, through and matching the phone APP SleepCogni can also be a specific time in the morning back to its original position, and simulate the natural sunlight to awaken new users. This function is reversible, meaning that the user can also set the "sunset" mode, to let myself to sleep.

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