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China LED breakthrough: 0.2 seconds underload a high-definition movie

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-20

        Shenzhen Risen OPTO.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology testing and certification, China's "visible light communication system key technology research" has achieved a major breakthrough, real-time communication rate increased to 50Gbps (bits per second), the equivalent of 0.2 seconds to complete a high-definition movie downloads.

       Visible light communication is the use of semiconductor lighting (LED lamp) light to achieve "a light will be able to access," the new high-speed data transmission technology.
Low carbon green visible light communication technology, can achieve near-zero-energy communication, radio communication can effectively avoid electromagnetic signal leakage and other weaknesses, to quickly build immunity, anti-interception security information space.

        Well-known experts in the field of information, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Xing Jiang said that at present, the global network has about 44 billion lighting fixtures constructed, LED lighting equipment and other devices will be the integration of tens of billions of visible light to build a huge communications network.

        It is envisaged that after the next large-scale visible light communication, each lamp can be used as a high-speed network hotspot, people waiting for the bus in the street can download several movies on the plane, but also can take advantage of high-speed wireless Internet access, LED light source meet the indoor network, networking, car networking, network end of Industry 4.0, secure payment, smart city, defense communications, weapons and equipment, electromagnetic sensitive areas and other wireless communication needs for Internet + provides a new low-cost access methods.

         Wu Xing Jiang predicted that in the next few years, the amount of information transmission will exceed the carrying capacity of existing radio spectrum, visible light communication technologies can effectively break the severe shortage of radio spectrum resources predicament, is the next generation of wireless communications technology has broad application prospects First, be formed trillion annual output value of strategic emerging industries.

        High-speed transmission has been the subject of one of the visible focus of research in the field of communications, the PLA Information Engineering University research team in Hong-yi processing method using optical and electrical phase collaboration, breaking the visible space channel mutual interference suppression efficiency of key technologies into integrated, miniature design and implementation phase.

        This university is the earliest visible light communication technology research and development and scientific research units, in 2013, assumed the lead 863 of the first visible project, and set up a "Chinese visible light communication industry technology alliance." After three years of science and technology research, it has successfully developed the "visible on-demand TV service," "visible new radio" "Visible precise positioning" applications such as demonstration

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