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Taiwan LED industry

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-16

      Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china.Taiwan LED industry hard this year, but under Everlight LED lighting elements shipments picked up on-quarter profit growth trend, net income per share of 0.96 yuan (NT, the same below), the cumulative third quarter of each year before share net income of 3.01 yuan, is a rare LED industry substantial profit vendors, this year Taiwan's LED industry is still showing on thin down fat, packaging factory outperformed the upstream chip plant.

       Everlight announced third quarter earnings, profits contrarian growth over the second quarter, a single quarter net income amounted to 410 million yuan, compared with the previous quarter growth of 30%, the annual reduction of 42%, net income per share was 0.96 yuan consolidated gross profit margin of 23.39%, also better than the 22.25% for the second quarter; accumulated in the first three quarters of billion light profit of 1.285 billion yuan, representing a 20 percent decline over the same period last year, net income per share of 3.01 yuan, still Wang earnings per share is the LED industry, but also a small number of substantial profit LED factory.

      Foreign broker that in the previous quarter million light has 108 million yuan foreign exchange gains, making net income per share in line with expectations, estimates Everlight quarter operating performance is expected to flat annual earnings per share estimate to less fear of correction 4 yuan, slightly lower than estimated earlier this year.

      North American brands began in May this year, competing manufacturers start a price war, the impact of LED lighting prices, supply chain in order to face, have launched a new version due to be on the impact quarter operating performance, the major Taiwan-based LED plant have been released third quarter earnings, single-season feeling different operational performance, LED packaging factory universal small profit margin, fab utilization rate is low due to the impact Epistar appear gross loss rate of 5.18%, thus expanding the deficit margin.

      On Epistar quarter gross margin, operating profit rate in both deficit and gross loss rate of 5.18%, 20.15% business loss rate, both compared with the second quarter to expand a single quarter net loss of 1.035 billion yuan after-tax, after-tax net per share loss of 0.96 yuan; total in the first three quarter net loss of 359 million yuan after-tax, after-tax net loss per share of 0.33 yuan.

      Foreign circles believe that Epistar third quarter loss more than expected, mainly due to falling prices, the low utilization rate, as well as after the merger Formosa, destroyed inventory pressure, and the strength of recovery in the fourth quarter remained weak, expect crystal electric fear quarter by quarter revenue of 7%, conservative views on the Taiwan LED industry segment.

      As for the packaging factory side is barely hold a profit, the East Bay in the previous quarter net income 6,137 million, a slight decline compared with $ 64 million in the second quarter, but also compared with last year's 283 million yuan had fallen by each share net income of 0.2 yuan, the cumulative East Bay this year before profit of 189 million yuan in the third quarter, net income per share of 0.6 yuan.

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