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China LED lighting once again swept the Indian market

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-11

       Shenzhen Risen OPTo Co., Ltd,led buried underground light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,outdoor Landscape led light supplier."Chinese Dragon once again shocked the Indian lion", India's "Tribune" 9th said that in India the biggest Diwali approaching, the colorful lights, ornaments, to an array of firecrackers, toys, Chinese goods again to ultrahigh the cost to seize the Indian market. This time from Indian Prime Minister Modi and vigorously promote the "Made in India" program has been a year and a half, the newspaper thus asserted that "Made in India still has a long way to go."
      Diwali is like Chinese New Year, is the most important traditional festival in India, lighting shooting, is an essential part of family reunion. This year Diwali is November 11, after two weeks, the market began selling all kinds of lights, including sought-after products, especially China. A 1.5-meter long neon colored chain as long as 150 rupees (about 15 yuan), and replaced with LED bulbs also just 200 rupees. In addition, as electronic simulation Candlestick, cold water curtain hanging lights, laser lights rotatable ball, all kinds of scientific and technological upgrading, quality durable lights jewelry China is increasingly welcomed by the Indian
Bhandari is an electronics retailer in India, he told reporters:. "About 70% of customers will choose the Chinese goods even though we have a lot of local suppliers to provide products, but the price compared with Chinese goods more expensive
, so basically no one buys. Since last year, Chinese products Diwali is increased by 50%. "The paper said that the local manufacturers, the bright lights of Diwali are lost its shine.
      Dependence on Chinese electric lamps jewelry and even change the Indian festive customs to some extent. "Times of India", said the use of traditional oil lamps at Diwali days are gone, now increasingly being replaced by electronic lights. Cell reporter is live in high-rise towers, currently 70% of households have balconies are decorated electronic lanterns, oil lamps placed in front of tenants mostly been replaced by small candles. "India Times" commented that, from firecrackers to Lantern, Chinese commodity surge.
Long-term operation of the business, said Chinese goods, thanks to improving the quality of Chinese goods.
      Singapore "Asia News Network," said Indian Prime Minister Modi trying to "Made in India" plan to raise the country's manufacturing sector, and India to build a global manufacturing center. Yet at the same time, ornaments from China continue to pour in the country market. "Tribune" commented that, obviously the enforcement of the grand plan is also very small, industrial production in India from the current situation and target are still very great.
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