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The lights can detect brain waves

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-10

    Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd ,led buried underground light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,outdoor Landscape led light supplier."Brainwave" For the people who seem to be a particularly mysterious thing, because people can not visually to feel its strength. This spring, visual art gallery in New York, a group of researchers announced the start of production of a people's brain waves can be detected intelligent lights - Clara.

    Clara thinking can help people find them easily dispersible thinking centralized peak. The lamp with embedded speakers, you can adjust the sound and lighting conditions change according to the human brain waves. The very beginning, Clara can issue a warm, soft lighting, help to stimulate people's creativity, focus, once the test to enter the time when the state, Clara lights will become increasingly bleak cold, speaker and issued a loud noise, the more focused your voice loud louder, so exercise your powers of concentration and shielded from external interference.
    So Clara is how to make out?
Arduino Uno
Adafruit Music Maker
Sparkfun Bluetooth devices
Adafruit 1M? 60-LED light bar
Neurosky brain wave monitoring equipment
A 4Ω 3W speakers
USB power supply or 4 AA NiMH batteries (everywhere, self-search)
Arduino libraries: Adafruit Neopixel, Adafruit VS1053, kitschpatrol's Brain library?
Related Arduino code is also available on Github.
    I do not know if you have not played a child playing with toys EEG MindFlex, this toy is by focusing attention to control the ball movement, Clara creativity comes from this.
Previously, researchers have tried to find a predictable regularity waves brain, the study found that the brain there is a "Eureka moment (eureka moment)" in thinking, that is the peak, the researchers hope to predict the brain of inspiration "Eureka moment" and shield interference in this time period, for example, when a genius Reflections on the street, sudden inspiration, but the inspiration might be interrupted street car song, if you can predict inspiration, and intends to avoid the harsh environment can solve this problem
    I do not know if you have not played a child playing with toys EEG MindFlex, this toy is a bit unrealistic but through collection, researchers have tried to use Clara to visualize the brain waves, and then let the people exercise by lights and noise Considerations when anyone, try to keep in noisy environments can maintain attention.
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