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Mini LED light garden make "urban farmer" possible

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-09

    led flood light china wholesale.led lamp fixtures supplier,led RGB light supplier in china.Referring to vegetables, what would you think? Think about it Saturday night, you harvest a bowl of fresh vegetables from the backyard, then put their own kind of fresh spices sprinkled on the surface of the hand made in Italy. Sounds great, right?

    Grove using the principle of aquaponics, combined with hydroponic vegetables and fish farming, build self-sufficiency indoor mini ecosystem. The concept of sustainable use of the company flagship Grove after intensive development and design process, helping to create a self-loop of the ecosystem, with LED lights, while taking advantage of the concept of aquaponics, allowing users to be able to grow vegetables indoors
    Grove company opened the fund-raising goal of $ 100,000 raised platform in the group, and they now have successfully raised $ 217,000. Grove using LED lights can mimic sunlight exposure, stimulate plant photosynthesis.
Although this mini-ecosystem, but can be even denser than the acreage of soil cultivation, that is to say, an average of 20 days will be able to harvest 8-10 pieces of lettuce.
Aquaponics refers to the impurities in the water of fish feces and decomposition filter, take ammonia (urea, commonly known as ammonia) component, and then supplied to the vegetables on the tank, also known as support farming symbiotic or composite farming support. In this system, water fish will be used by hydroponic systems, the solid ammonia fecal bacteria decompose into nutrients, become the source of nutrition for the plants, and the water is then returned to tank.
The concept of aquaponics play applications, but also eliminates the trouble of cleaning up the tank, because the fish processed stool will become nutrients plants.

     The Grove ecosystem so that you can also become urban farmers, self-sufficiency. Use of hydroponics Grove platform, you can plant some like arugula, watercress, kale, cabbage and other vegetables, as well as celery, mint and basil and other spices. Even some of the people a sense of accomplishment but also a significant increase in planting a result of farming, such as tomatoes, peas and other beans as well.
According to Grove, the page description, strawberries also grow up!
    Grove built with the full spectrum of natural light LED lights, color temperature ranging from 2000K to 5000K. Dimmable LED lamps can mimic the sun's rays, stimulate plant photosynthesis.
Roof of the entire ecosystem can be adjusted up or down, allowing users to change the light intensity and the area in accordance with the requirements.
    When the plant can be harvested up to several days, app will send small caution harvest methods. Just like all the names in the "wisdom" of the product, like, Grove ecosystem also has its own dedicated app. Users only need to enter the name of vegetables grown in the app, you can receive a variety of small reminders and complementary knowledge during planting. For example, when the plant can be harvested up to several days, and it will issue a small caution harvest methods.
    Although there are a variety of Grove it sounds nice, but its price may not be so cute on Kickstarter Grove a $ 2,700 asking price. Grove is expected to ship in May 2016 to the world.
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