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Intelligent LED Lightify compatible with Google Nest home control system

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-07
    Because OSRAM is seeking a new owner for his lighting business, product supply and more become shrewd, its intelligent LED Lightify products also compatible with Google's Nest home control system (2014 Google $ 3.2 billion acquisition of US smart home company NestLabs). Currently Lightify series has been in the United Kingdom and Ireland joined the "Works with Nest" program, others will soon follow.

    Lightify OSRAM provide the residential market with intelligent light bulb products, unlike traditional lighting. Users can open your phone and tablet applications or shut down, lighten or darken or change color to meet the emotional needs - all via the Internet operation, you can remote control, such as a burglar deterrent effect, users can also use Programming features some custom rules settings, security alarms or flashing, smoke detectors, motion or stock alerts.
    OSRAM makes its Lightify intelligent LED lighting range with Google's nest home control systems compatible. OSRAM makes its Lightify intelligent LED lighting range with Google's nest home control systems compatible. 
    With the addition Nest home control system, the user can be smart LED lighting and Google's Nest thermostats and home automation devices connected, including the Nest thermostat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Nest may be fledgling Internet of Things (IOT) is an important hub, so that people can be programmed to operate devices from a distance, and to achieve "if - then" scenario (if the thieves entered the room, the lights flashing, alarm sound). 
    Currently, Nest has announced with LG, Withings and Philips 16 companies reached a partnership, there are some new start-up companies, such as with a light bulb manufacturer sensor Stack, its bulb can manufacture different day time to adjust the brightness and color.

    Essentially, all working with Nest enterprises, the device can work with Nest products. Thus, for example: When you open the front door of house, the thermostat will adjust to your preferred temperature, the house lights will be turned on, your dryer will switch to silent mode.

    OSRAM LED lamps smart competitors, including Philips Hue, GE's Link, Cree's Connected LED, LIFX bulbs. Philips Hue bulbs will function expansion into the "entertainment", can be synchronized to match the TV series "12 Monkeys," the story lighting.

    Of course, ordinary light bulb LED bulbs intelligent higher price compared OSRAM Lightify full color variable model in the UK costs about 40 pounds (about $ 60), on the Tesco website sales Lightify light Depending on the model price between 25 and 31 pounds, while ordinary OSRAM LED bulb packaging is generally depending on the model and price of 6 to 10 pounds (US $ 9 to 15).
    Connectivity, OSRAM Lightify has a separate Hub, using a cell phone application scanning QR codes can be connected. Applications have switch, adjust the color temperature and other mainstream functions.
    Market research firm ABI predicted late last year, will sell about 250 million per year by 2020 Smart bulbs.