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LED lights help you say goodbye to stay in bed

  • Author:Euncie
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-07

     led RGB light supplier in chinawaterproof led lamps supplier chinaAluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers.For many people, the morning drag yourself out of bed is a very difficult thing. Earlier this year, Magnetic Cello (magnetic cello) founder David Levi came up with a system that can not be closed wake GoldenRod - LED beam increases when those who do not stay in bed to get up, and illuminate the whole bed. Levi designed GoldenRod wake the system LED lights placed above the bed, the brightness of the light bar will be based in different times of the day to adjust the brightness and color temperature. The user first set a good time in the alarm, LED light bar at that point in time will begin to glow. Users may need to be adjusted according to the brightness of light from dark orange or white light.

    Over time, LED lights will gradually turn blue / white, then in the evening will stop working.
According to Levi revealed, GoldenRod will have two versions, and will initiate the public to raise the kickstarter.
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