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Ario advent of intelligent lamp mimics natural light

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-06
    Sunlight throughout the day will change over time, and that our indoor lighting light Why not? Recently raised platform on the public debut of Ario intelligent lamp to have such ability, through the use of Harvard Medical School, NASA and the US pot Research Institutes of Health, this is known as "the world's first health network lamp" means may like the sun in the day to change their light color and lighting direction.

    We all know that light affects our biological clock, energy level and sleep, and the role of Ario lamp is monitor the user's sleep, and their work schedule to personalize. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, this intelligent device can determine its own physical location, current time, season and local weather patterns, and in order to adjust their light. With the use of in-depth, it can according to the user's sleep habits to be more personalized adjustment.

    According to reports, Ario will awaken our bodies through the bright, rich blue light in the morning, it is full of energy. And when night comes, it will turn amber light, in order to achieve the purpose of soothing the body, so that the user can sleep better. This table lamp using energy saving LED bulb life of over 20 years.

    Ario is currently on Kickstarter fundraising, priced at $ 199 (about 1261 yuan), is expected to ship in January next year.