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Mstick LED intelligent light, smart phones / watch can be manipulated

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-04
    Our lives are always inseparable variety of light, home emergency lights, camera flash and even bicycle lights and so on. Although not commonly used these lights on, but always have to be prepared to live at home will feel at ease. But really, if a light source installed for a variety of needs, I am afraid that has long been home to those sizes and shapes of lighting equipment filled. 

    Now, one can be called a universal intelligent integration of LED light source available. The LED lamp called Mstick through modular application control, the user can choose according to their needs to the different categories, different states of light. 

    Like all intelligent devices, this Mstick can be manipulated by supporting App. App users can choose from a variety of different lighting modes, let Mstick can be applied to any situation in any environment. For example, when you want to ride at night or running, this lamp absolutely can guarantee your safety; If you want to make more changes of the light source, there are a number of interesting, you can select "Sports Light" mode, showing a variety of different The illumination mode. 

    In addition, this lamp also possesses a number of other sp
ecial features. You can light soothing mood lighting to solve panic and insomnia. Smarter is when used as bicycle light, its built-in sensing device can monitor the current state of motion. When crossing a lamp or a rest stop, the lights will turn red, will revert to white at the start riding again.  

    Here's a look at this Mstick exactly what other uses it.

    Interesting lighting - When you want to express love, parties need time in the wild atmosphere or difficulties in need of help, this light can help you. The user can set different text, graphics by supporting the App, so that the original source Variety monotonous up.
    Sound effects - at home playing music has always felt something missing now everything Mstick can get?. You can choose "sound effects" mode, the lights will flicker along with music rhythm, rhythm flew up perspective.
    Fitness stopwatch - if you want to enjoy a quiet evening yoga brings physical and mental relaxation, or time in the fitness to attend, you can select the "fitness stopwatch" function. As a result, Mstick can be based on the rhythm of flashing lights to time.
     Portable self-timer lamp - If you love the self-sister, if you want to record anywhere drip own life, but there helpless light, light and other restrictions, you can choose sound effects of "self-timer lamp" mode, to ensure that each Photos can photograph Mimi da.
    Outdoor lighting - the amount, this function should be Mstick default comes. Kitchen timer - if you need a small kitchen timer, you can also use Mstick to an emergency it.
    Research and development team, said the future will continue to develop a variety of different lighting modes, and strive Mstick can really arrived in a million.

    Mstick: Smart Phone / wristwatch can be manipulated

    For ease of use, Mstick R & D team has also developed a smart watch supporting applications. Users can be achieved through smart watches on / off, change the simple operation mode. Currently supporting App support iPhone 5 and above devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the above equipment, Nexus 5 and Bluetooth 4.1 or higher.
    From the looks of it, this Mstick using simple linear design, easy to carry and very wild. In addition, the body has a different light switch button, and mode selection button. Of course, in addition to the body of the control buttons, the user can also watch via smart phones and smart easily manipulated. More intimate it is the bottom comes in Mstick compatible with all types of camera accessories, as a light source when taking supplements also did not pressure.
    Come talk accessories Mstick of. This Mstick with a belt, the time when you need to fly, they can easily use. Mstick even comes with a connector, you can easily connect them with other stationary use different devices. For added convenience, this Mstick also built a magnet, you can easily stick on any iron components, easy to use.
    Mstick There are three different colors, namely white, green and blue, it can be based on personal preference or is this universal LED lights often appear environments to choose a different color. The Mstick built-in rechargeable lithium battery, standby time from more than seven hours to seven days. Users can charge through Micro 5pin USB interface.