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Photo luminescent light bulb

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-04
    Let bulb lighting and ornamental objects have both characteristics, is what experience? Hank Sam (Sam Hank Suzhou Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.) to tell you, this is a functional and creative product of the combination.
    Hank is a very young Sam LED lighting company, Main LED candle lights, LED bulbs. But apart from the high lumens, high PF value, high quality, in light bulb fuss is Hank Sam are good.
    On a four-day Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, Hank Sam exhibited their most representative features LED bulbs. Seem common, but the light bulb hidden inside actually not the same as an inner "core", Volkswagen, Audi LOGO impressively into account, these special lights to attract the eyes of many overseas buyers. 

    "This is prior to the former Volkswagen CEO souvenirs," Hank told Sam Fu Liming, general manager of Engineering LED. He said that the inner core is shining Volkswagen LOGO bulb. In addition, there are many creative bulb Audi LOGO, angel halo, love and so on. 
    According to Fu Liming introduction, this series of light bulbs have adopted the hollow tube design, drive airflow to achieve the cooling effect. "Lamp put a 'heart', 'heart' in the recapture photos, such a gift favorite of young lovers." Fu Liming said.
    In fact, Hank Hill Mu Qiaqia is Fu Liming (English name is Hank) and another partner's name collectively, rather Europe named Fan manner, quite creative range of lamps designed to allow Sam Hank products export brainchild of the European. Fu Liming said Hank Sam is currently doing a series of testing and certification, preparing to enter the North American market.