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Philips introduces a "Piano" series LED home lighting

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-02
    Recently, in a contemporary art of the United States Shanghai New Gallery, a global leader in lighting, Philips launched its 2015 grand most important home lighting products - Philips "Piano" series LED home lighting.
    Philips "Piano" series LED home lighting design inspired by piano keys. Contrasting black and white, simple and clean geometric lines shape, unique adjustable lighting module design combined with the application of advanced LED lighting technology, the perfect combination of art and technology, given the extraordinary qualities of this product. Philips "Piano" series consists of four lamps, namely: big ceiling lamps, small ceiling lamps, chandeliers and table lamps.

    Minimalist interpretation by modern methods

    As a global leader in lighting, Philips constantly explore the modern home lifestyle and aesthetic trends to meet the lighting needs of diverse urban population. The study found that a group of mainstream urban population advocating "modern minimalist" life trends, and they have a very wisdom, experience unique; they like well-organized, practical and reliable, the details at the possession of a surprise; they seek minimalist design with home space. Philips "Piano" series is designed precisely to meet this demand.

    Philips "Piano" series of style is very simple and pure, reflecting the essence of minimalism - get rid of all the extra design elements, use only strong contrast black and white color, as the binary code of the digital age, through choreography, immediately was given a new significance. Color and geometry combination of a strong balance of contrast and beauty, and simple but rich in visual tension, a more prominent its inherent character. Sense of light, color temperature, texture, texture, detail, all reflect the ultimate pursuit of Philips products.

    Black and white grace and wisdom of life

    From the beginning of the 16th century, "unconventional" Let the words black and white mix to win a full five hundred years. Initially, European nobles prevailed with forbear pure black and white to express the noble Zhen. Today, they are still the classic measure ruler, it is in sharp contrast to arrest people under the eye of the pure. Starting from stately classical thick, black-and-white design work, all the way to contemporary interpretation of simple, clever aesthetic, and always graceful flowing blood. Philips "Piano" series in black and white exterior with a strong contrast, let have innate elegance and personality, decorated with minimalist geometric lines outline, product integration in modern architectural space, the owner of a unique taste momentary appearance head.

    Philips "Piano" series inspired not just imitate the appearance of the piano keys, each of which can slide freely between a black and white module, so that the original simple rules of appearance, in the hands of different users, showing a different shape, thus enhancing the sense of space and light design expression, revealing the owner's confidence and taste. As the black and white keys of the piano, in the artist's hands, flowing out melodious and beautiful melody.

    Black and white vision, but not simple, not to mention it in every heart has a different experience, "in front of the black is not black, you say white is what the white." Black and white photographs depicting, a black and white picture frame, the piano in the background, always can make people forget that the world around flashy noisy, abnormal heart calm and peaceful, as this Philips new work, "the piano" in the name to "black and white" in America, write a concerto light a chapter of modern life.

    Devaluation line "between the pilot light" to create 3D lighting experience

    Many consumers in the Internet browser or the optional lighting products, often feel that just by virtue of the product's image or video can not directly feel the actual introduction of light-efficient products, and products on how to live performance space. Philips take the "Piano" series listed on the opportunity, for the first time launched an online "test lamp between" through 3D simulation of different scenes of life, and put a full range of "Piano" products. Consumers can be directly controlled in between each test lamp and lighting changes shape, "piano", intuitively feel these changes complement each other and the environment, can help consumers better understand the characteristics of the product, and to measure their own We need to make the best purchasing choices. In addition, consumers can also "make an appointment to shop experience" function, direct booking their own city, "Philips Lighting Fashion Museum", a more detailed understanding of the product in the field.