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Philips introduced the blue LED wearable medical devices

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-11-02
    Philips recently introduced the use of UV blue LED lighting assembly help with mild or moderate plaque psoriasis (also known as psoriasis) control the disease in patients with the second generation of innovative wearable medical devices.
    Following the end of 2014 which wearable medical equipment in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK and in France in early 2015 the successful launch of a new generation of clinical testing of medical devices based on user insights and feedback to do development. Philips BlueControl 2.0 has been put into use in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, in the coming months will be introduced in Poland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Israel and Italy, the market is expected to be 2016 before you can use which devices.
    It is reported that there are 125 million psoriasis patients worldwide, of which 80% is the most common form of psoriasis affected.
    Blue LED mainly by inducing a change in the skin's natural process of plaque symptoms. Blue plaque psoriasis by inhibiting cell division to help accelerate skin renewal. In addition, it can effectively control skin inflammation. Philips BlueControl is a mild anti-ultraviolet light therapy device, visible light-induced skin natural role to significantly reduce the degree of skin redness, extended degree and thickness. UV blue LED light therapy device by 40 high-intensity blue LED light tailored. Philips designed a low profile for the BlueControl bundle components, capable of providing energy to the battery, the patient can be fixed in various parts of the body, in order to play a role in soothing the disease.