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Wisdom lights debut in Shanghai

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-31
    Recently, an intelligent street in Shanghai debut. In addition to this smart road lighting poles, but also as an electric vehicle charging pile, monitor environmental quality, urban WIFI micro base stations. It is understood, according to the site needs, this can be further loaded lampposts RFID tags, traffic lights, road signs and other modules, functional expansion is high.
    In Shanghai Dagu Lu assembled this group of new "smart lights", which includes lighting, electric vehicle charging, eight functions of a key calls. Currently, the first installation of 15 "smart lights" has begun its work. Compared with ordinary lamps, their poles are more coarse, bottom and upper structure to increase a lot of new equipment, the most obvious is the base increased street electric car charging pile.
    In addition, standing under the lights, you can search to "elightNet" Wi-Fi signal, enter the access password, can access free immediately, and the speed is very fast. Meanwhile, light poles towards the sidewalk side also installed a screen with a call button. It can be a key call for help, but also with the relevant background inquiries or voice call, to understand the surrounding road transportation, commerce, catering and other information by tapping the screen. 
    According to the Shanghai Integrated Management Center City responsible person, this "intelligent lights" single shot cost 20,000 yuan, all equipment after adding the total price of about 40,000 yuan. Next year is expected to expand the pilot in Nanjing Road, the Bund and other attractions and crowded areas.
    LED lighting than traditional lighting energy savings of 50% is usually applied wisdom LED lighting systems with intelligent sensing capabilities will likely make this result be upgraded to 90%, especially in the long winter nights. Wisdom sensor lighting in addition to having a higher than normal LED lighting energy-saving effects than is usually easy to be overlooked is that the introduction of this wisdom sensing technology, will greatly improve the life of LED lights, because in many cases, LED lighting only Working at 20% power state.