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Intelligent lights can detect gunfire

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-29
    According to foreign media reports, General Electric (GE) Smart City project will get tougher stance on curbing gun violence occurs in the event. Today, ShotSpotter CEO Ralph Clark at the International Association of Chiefs of Police meeting with GE announced plans for cooperation. Future, GE will be deployed by the ShotSpotter gunfire detector developed in the city of lights in their smart. This is GE's first smart city project added a major law enforcement functions in the past of the project is to focus more on environmental protection and logistics. 

    Core collaboration will be shared between the two sides hardware. Wherein, GE's smart street has created a powerful processor, it can support the operation of a ShotSpotter equipment. So for the two companies, to get street with gunfire detection function, which requires a software key is.
    Although some cities have deployed ShotSpotter, but they can cover a range of very limited - Under normal circumstances, it can only cover a few square miles. But if you choose to use GE Intelligent lights, then at the lowest cost to cover the entire city. "Now, we have the ability to cover the entire city, and do not need to spend the cost of covering the whole city." Clark told the media.
    GE and ShotSpotter company hoping this street light system to help law enforcement agencies to obtain accurate position fastest gunfire occurred. Once the lights to detect and locate gunfire location, it will send a message to the police, law enforcement dispatch centers and police officers smartphone. It is reported that, ShotShotter can accurately detect the location of the shooting, gunfire and shootings by quantity.
    But with most of the GE Smart City technologies, ShotShotter street lighting system in the practical application of the estimated effect is hard to say.