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Lying on LED lights scenic view

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-26

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Currently, swing time already lit city park in the south of Boston, the Boston Convention Center and between the D block to create a can vent themselves in after work and enjoy a peaceful retreat.

This 20 swing in a custom built-in LED light source microcontroller control, can provide a signal for the lighting. Swing internal accelerometer can measure their efforts. When the swing is in a stationary state, LED lantern faint white light, when the swing is shaking, white will be converted into a purple light. This stress response type of use is intended to encourage people, between people and means to form a good interaction, so that the park has become a more harmonious community.

Hey man, when you're lying LED lights point of view of urban night, when you're sitting on a swing by their peers Dangqi ring when there did not feel his heart is closer to that shining star in the sky of the ......