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UK residents called for improved LED lights luminous problem

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-25
    Located in the northwestern town of Manchester, England Blackburn (Blackburn) about two weeks ago facelift LED lights. Dress lights intent is to raise the quality of life of residents, but this time it unexpectedly caused a local family for several nights in a row can not sleep, severe insomnia.
    According to local residents Stewart Wilder (Stuart Wild), said outside the house that they were fitted LED lights not only illuminate the road, abnormal strong glare lights emitted from the back but also exposure to the surrounding houses. Disturbing, the light emitted by the LED lights have made their home the night brighter than the day.
    Blackburn get £ 9 million funding facelift lights in early 2014, out of 40-year-old old street lamps. The streetlight upgrade program is expected to save substantial electricity and maintenance costs for the City Council.
    Relatively bright LED lights installed on roads and other locations might be a good thing, but the same brightness if installed in residential areas, may not be so ideal.
    Nationwide appealed to the City Council to take action as soon as possible, for example, switching to LED lights suitable models, using dimming function, the installation of shade or direct light bulbs with black paint to seal the back, in order to improve the direction of the light-emitting LED lights problem,
    Nationwide contact the local congressman for assistance. Local Environmental Management Department Jim Smith (Jim Smith) also promised to deal with this issue.
    We understand that editing, there may be other local residents affected by the lack of well-designed LED lights glare problems. The current mainstream market for LED road lighting design, whether it is bat-type or a new type of light, glare or light pollution has to be noted that a reasonable price to select the appropriate LED lights, public lighting to avoid unnecessary light pollution problem.