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When to get out of the shadow of traditional LED fixtures

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-24

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1, for lighting, LED lamps as an illegitimate heir, and always live in the shadow of the traditional lamps. The eldest illegitimate

2, from Edison invented the incandescent lamp to countries around the world cut Bering introduced, high energy consumption of incandescent lamps and halogen lamps nearly completed the historical mission of his soon to quit the stage of history. Besides light single color many occasions is not applicable, led and the imitation significance of incandescent and halogen lamps what to ask 90 remember incandescent long what kind of?

3, although the energy saving lamp can be adjusted, energy consumption, and other aspects of the shape and structure of the lamp, halogen lamp has a great change, but not environmental protection, energy saving effect is not ideal but is a fatal weakness, therefore, is bound to energy-saving lamps is only a transitional product, foreign long without it, and exit the stage is sooner or later.

4, metal halide lamp has a lot of common points, to enhance the luminous efficiency, the production process is complex, the form is single, high cost, so the metal halide lamp is not the best choice for lighting lighting.

5, the ideal light source LED debut, is quivering lofty. Why do you say that? Is the beginning of the led into the quartz lamp cup, into the fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamps. National policy support, we rush to the project, a very short period of time appeared excess capacity, so the price war hit, this period led is in imitation of the traditional lamp, there have been no exclusive models, which count go astray?

6, LED should not have thought about the new style of architectural style, fashion style, fashion style, fashion style, trendy consumer groups, I think these needs should be put forward higher requirements, long waiting for the new lighting products.

Finally, I want to say is, led the resurgence, comprehensive away incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps and their shadows, the metamorphosis of their exclusive models, better lighting, better life. This is the peoples heart.