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Sharp has developed LED lights for drive moth plant lighting.

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-20
    Sharp Corporation recently announced that it has co-developed LED lights and drive moth Hiroshima Prefecture Institute of Agricultural Technology Center, in order to prevent nocturnal pest damage crops, and minimize the impact of light on crops.
    Traditional lights with yellow light flooding repel moths moths. However, conventional mercury vapor lamps and fluorescent lamps must be illuminated throughout the night in order to play a role, and does not apply to certain light-sensitive crops such as strawberries and chrysanthemums, lighting is not conducive to the growth of such plants. 
    The new LED driver moth moth bulb lighting technology combines the drive agricultural center and Sharp's LED design and manufacturing technology. It can effectively repel moths, and lighting by LED technology would adversely affect the plants to a minimum.
    Using LED as a light source, not only to extend lamp life, reduce energy consumption, drive moth effect has also been improved significantly. In addition, LED lights can significantly reduce lighting light sensitive plants adverse effects, ideal for pesticide-free farming and light-sensitive crops.
    The bulb is expected to begin retail market and in the spring of 2016.