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OLED attract Purchasing

  • Author:abby
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  • Release on :2015-10-17
    Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,LTD. led lamp fixtures supplier,led flood light china wholesale,outdoor Landscape led light supplier
    Wearable products popular, OLED industry began high-profile, OLED is praise substituted LED's next-generation display technology, with ultra-thin, energy saving, flexibility and other product advantages, a growing number of mobile phones, television and other start using OLED display .
    With the application of products to increase, OLED and flexible display technology in the application and commercialization costs and have reached a level, especially thin, the advantage may be curved, so OLED technology is widely used in the large-size high-end products and wearable devices. Touch Taiwan 2015 assembled RiTdisplay, Chi Optoelectronics, Merck, BASF and other important OLED manufacturers, exhibited nowadays the latest OLED display technology and materials, will inevitably attracted international brand factory attention, to attract international firms to purchase.
    According to IHS statistics, global mobile devices in 2015 with the first quarter of OLED panel market size of $ 2.3 billion, IHS Technology research director Kevin Wang has revealed that China, including Huawei, millet and other Chinese brands, including manufacturers are plans to use in its products OLED display panel, Apple will also significantly import OLED display panel in the 2016 year.
    This is the first exhibition of rhenium treasure, will exhibit a narrow border PMOLED, the flexible PMOLED and 0.75 round PMOLED and other three products, full of power-saving, thin features, in response to the drive wearable OLED products small size panel demand.
    Such as the flexible wearable device, circular wisdom watches. Chi Optoelectronics then introduced 0.96-inch single-color / area-color display, 1.06-inch monochrome OLED panel round drawing type, 1.69-inch full-color OLED panels, and 2.26 inch type monochrome character type OLED panel, mainly used in Netcom, industrial, medical and automotive and other small and medium size OLED panels, while focusing on the development of the sample, a large number, customized PMOLED products.
    Optical Merck Group Merck under the main provider of liquid crystals, resist, LED fluorescent powder material, in addition to Taiwan's current leadership LCD raw material suppliers, but also offers innovative OLED materials, with the latest evaporation and inkjet materials, to help Taiwan manufacturers to speed up large-size OLED production process.
    BASF is committed to the launch to help protect resources and improve the quality of life of products and system solutions, the main products are process chemicals, materials and related peripheral touch of polymer materials and coatings.