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Japan built the world's first robot vegetable garden

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-17
    According to foreign media reports, Japan's Kyoto, the garden will be the world's first robot appears. The garden will be officially put into operation in 2017, from planting, management, harvesting to distribution by the robot do it.
According to reports, the company plans to Kyoto enterprise Spread the farm planting 10 million lettuce, garden arranged by the robot all the work, from planting, harvesting to transport, fully automated. Robotics is also responsible for monitoring carbon dioxide levels and garden lighting environment.
    The company said the robot farm yields high labor costs can be reduced by half, consumers can buy cheaper vegetables. 

    This automated farm will be located in kizugawa Kansai Science City, covers an area of  4,800 square meters, the construction machinery R & D expenditure, including the cost of containing nearly 2 billion yen. Farms will begin construction in the spring of 2016, it is expected to be completed in summer 2017.
    Spread in a statement said the new farms will be achieved in the second half of 2017 supply, initial daily output of eighty thousand lettuce and then gradually increase, the goal is within five years of the daily production increased to 500,000, and further expand in the country share with the international market.
    New Farm still require manual to confirm whether the seeds germinate. Since seed germination extremely fragile, existing planting robot can not perform the job successfully. But the company believes that this problem can be solved eventually.
    Currently, Spread in Kyoto Kameoka artificial lighting set up a raw vegetable, annual production of 7.7 million lettuce supplied to Tokyo more than 2,000 stores.
Compared with conventional farms, which has many advantages indoor farm. As a result of three-dimensional planting trough and hydroponic technology, its small footprint, and up to 98% of water can be recycled, you do not need to spray insecticides. In addition, artificial lighting and strict temperature and humidity control so that people no longer rely on the weather to grow vegetables, but also easy to control and the implementation of the production plan.
    Japan recently re-treatment plant physiologist Shimamura in a factory to create a specific industrial scale farm. The farm covers an area of ??about half a football field, which installed 17,500 specially designed LED lamps, distributed in each 18 rack planting 16 layers, can simulate day and night, through photosynthesis closely monitor program, prompting lettuce growing faster than the outdoor farm 1.5 times, scrap rate of 40% less, productivity increased by 100 times.