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Lifi technology popular

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-16
    NASA recently announced that it will work together at the Kennedy Space Center and LVX increasingly popular on the market, developed a novel electronic communication, that is, LED optical communication network, which is similar to Wi-Fi high-speed communications technology, visible light communication (VLC) is a called Li-Fi wireless light communication. Li-Fi communications technology not only can be used alone as a technique to use, but also to become assistive technology or FM Action Network, VLC main advantage is visible in the wide spectrum of advantages, because the visible range of the FM bandwidth is 10,000 times This study has been the industry expectations. 

    NASA Space Center Director Bob chairman ? Cabana (Bob Cabana) and LVX's chief executive, John ? Peterson (John Pederson) recently signed a Space Act Agreement, authorized researchers at the Kennedy Space Center in research and development of new The visible light communication technology applications. Space action protocol is a licensed NASA legal agreement, so that it can get assistance from other agencies to complete the task. This program is assisted by the planned development centers, this plan to let Kennedy Space Center continues to be a diverse, extensive use of the space station.
    Li-Fi in the market has a lot of team development, and LVX company this cooperation with NASA, is headquartered in the United States John F. Kennedy, their researchers and NASA experts can develop VLC applications, including the future of outer space and everyday applied tasks Life Application. VLC using a wireless network is a "non-fiber" photonic media, data transmission method uncapped and security increased dramatically.     VLC technology is more save resources, but also that it is a "green energy technology".
Under the agreement, in the five-year period specification, Kennedy Space Center will provide resources and assistance according to research needs to expand in order to facilitate visible light communication and a lighting system research and development. The two sides finally will output the final version of the prototype machine, which is composed of a digital camera, a microphone and a speaker device component.
    On the other hand, both in research will strengthen the scientific and technological performance of the lighting system, but also hope to significantly improve the global positioning satellite will use to transfer between network environment (GPS) system, which point to the industry is in fact full of importance.