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Taiwan Institute of yarn has been made in the development of LED 6 Patent

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-15
    Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,LTD.  led lamp fixtures supplier,led flood light china wholesale,outdoor Landscape led light supplier
    LED Technology and cross-border integration of the textile industry! Textile Industry Research Institute to develop LED yarn, made six national patent, the annual output value of 250 million yuan, in addition to volume production of linear luminous clothes, transport and the cleaning staff made the warning vest clothes outside at night other R & D LED backpack, which was mapped wisdom clothing, including LED backpack, it is expected next year in the second quarter volume production.
    The systems development Textile Products Division Leader Shen dryer, said Philips had to visit, see LED concept design clothes, after returning in the Ministry of Economic Affairs grants, developed LED yarn derived human-computer interaction intelligent clothing. For safety considerations, LED density is not too high, so the imaging resolution has yet to be strengthened.
    It is understood, LED backpack has partnered with Disney, smart phone in the pictures can be transmitted to the backpack, the backpack will be looming image. Technical Director of the Ministry of Economy 傅伟祥 said, because the image is unclear, temporarily image smaller version of the first wave of mass production backpack.
    In addition, textiles are also developed "high-temperature fire protective clothing wisdom", developed with USB plug digital fabric high temperature cable. This fabric can withstand 2000 degree heat, if with thermal imaging device, can smoke at high temperature and high status, display space thermal imaging, can be used in fire rescue personnel. Dry Shen Long said, is currently working with six countries, France and other vendors, is being developed.
     Textiles represented, in August this year has LED yarn technology transfer, the LED packaging factory Wang Qi Wang photoelectric production subsidiary, estimated annual output value of 250 million yuan.