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The Indian government out of the traditional light bulb

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-14
    India's Uttar Pradesh to implement the central government policy to a total of 200,000 sold in local city Cheap Pilibite (Pilibhit) a 100 rupees (equivalent to about 9.75 yuan) LED bulbs. This is done to encourage local residents out of the traditional incandescent bulbs, switch to LED bulbs.
    India is currently world market price of LED bulbs at 250 rupees to 400 rupees between (RMB approximately 24.4 to 39 yuan equivalent), special LED bulbs this transmission allows residents to save 15-30 yuan range.
    Government will from October 13, set up booths around the Pilibite, convenient for residents to buy these low-priced LED bulbs. Residents must bring a photocopy of electricity bills to the respective booths, qualify Cheap bought bulbs.
    Power distribution unit engineer Lokendra Bahadar Singh said that this time the local government is expected to sell 200,000 LED bulbs.