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2025 global street light being LED

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-14
    Is committed to pursuing a low-carbon economy Climate Group (Climate Group), chaired its September 27 meeting in New York Climate Week, a high-profile promise "Decade Vision": To within a decade of global LED street light, the public lighting energy consumption halved. Great dream green school, eligible commercial giant Philips solidarity appeared more launched called "LED = Low Emission Delievered achieve lower emissions" activities, according to the country needs to develop facelift solutions to accelerate the rhythm of local governments LED technology, actively implement States in 2025 will total 350 million LED street lights replaced. 

    The Climate Group published in more than two years to complete the "Support The Big Switch" report at the meeting, pointed out that many countries and regions worldwide United States, Britain, Argentina, India, Taiwan and China and so on, many years ago had to replace a public street is LED as a priority development projects. The report keeps track of a number of organizations participating in the Climate Global LED lamp test of 12 cities, including New York, London, Calcutta and Sydney. The test consists of Philips Lighting collaborative complete.
     LED is currently the most cost-effective, the most mature technology, green lighting solutions most likely to perform. Currently, LED lamps replace technical barriers have been overcome, if all lighting replaced with LED lights of all annual global lighting electricity demand by half, 735 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the total carbon dioxide emissions both the UK and Spain. With the global development of cities, the number of lights is expected to reach 350 million in 2025, the local government, utilities and financial institutions should work together in 2025 into the existing street facelift LED lights - or equivalent low-power technology. Mark Kenber global CEO of The Climate Group at the meeting plausibly, in order to confirm the facts, "the next decade is not a dream," Global has already put LED of the "light revolution."
    New York City facelift plan for the nation's largest ongoing 250,000 LED lights facelift project. As of 2017, New York City will be able to save energy and maintenance costs of $ 14 million. If every one of the nation's outdoor lighting were replaced with LED lights, then the United States will be able to save $ 6 billion - and the reduction of carbon emissions equivalent to the emissions of 8.5 million vehicles.
    2013, Los Angeles began to dress up to 140,000 LED lights. According to the report, in 2014, Los Angeles, thus reducing 63% of energy consumption, and save the $ 8.7 million cost. Now, Philips Lighting will help Los Angeles to upgrade to the wisdom of LED lights, the system uses mobile phones and cloud computing technology, is estimated to be able to save 80% of energy consumption.
    And recently, the city of Chicago also announced that it will carry out the "Smart Lighting Project" (Smart Lighting Project), designed to convert most of the city's outdoor lighting energy-saving LED light source. Chicago will also consider building lighting central network management system, possibly using lights deployed to expand its fiber optic network, enabling the city to offer new services.
    Chicago reconstruction project could become one of the biggest transformation of solid-state lighting (SSL) carried out worldwide. Outdoor lighting luminaire inventories totaled 348,500, including the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, all the streets, alleys, viaduct, road, lake front settings.