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The latest of only three atoms thick semiconductor film

  • Author:ABBY
  • Source:NET
  • Release on :2015-10-13
    US scientists for the first time to create a thickness of only three atoms of molybdenum disulphide semiconductor film, which not only slender, and has excellent electrical properties, can be widely used to make a variety of ultra-thin electronic devices.
The study's lead author, assistant professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Cornell University Ji Woge Parker said: "The electrical properties of semiconductor thin films of molybdenum disulfide newly obtained with comparable single crystal of molybdenum disulfide, but we have not thin crystal, but 4 inches wafer (thin cut on the crystal under a certain azimuth). " 

    Parker said a lot of previous studies, molybdenum disulfide dispersed only grow out of, like the sea, like isolated islands, but to create as smooth as paper, flat, ultra-thin sheet is the gateway to the actual device applications the only way.
The researchers used metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technology to produce the required sheet, the technology is widely used in industrial applications, but using other materials.
    According to the Science Daily website reported, in the latest study, the Parker team for this technology has been systematically optimized for the environment and temperature were adjusted to produce a new film. They found that using a little hydrogen and in a completely dry environment, perfect crystal can grow together.
    Co-author of the research paper, professor of applied and engineering physics at Cornell University David Mueller led researchers using advanced transmission electron microscope, in the thin film growth, the quality and properties of the films were tested. The results show that the thickness of only three atoms of a semiconductor film can be stacked together with the silica layer by layer, thereby forming a multilayer electronic devices and super slim, study published in "Nature" magazine recently published .
    The researchers also slightly modified MOCVD method, to create a have different electrical properties and color of tungsten disulfide film, they hope to further improve this method, to create a thickness of only a few atoms of other films, and eventually create a novel electronic devices and optoelectronic devices.