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3D printing solar lighting SULI

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-12
    You know there is a lack of every seven people on earth ready-made electricity? Them in order to get the lighting, typically use kerosene lamps or candles, so safe after all, as electricity, often dangerous. 

    Ximena Munoz invention --SULI team from Santiago, Chile, is a solar energy, multi-purpose lamp, the purpose is to provide safe, affordable and flexible lighting scheme, to help those living in third world countries or Similar people elsewhere. Munoz has launched a $ 20,000 Indiegogo activities seek to raise funds to start mass production of such an illumination module.
    SULI magic is that it can use more than the absolute number of times that a large part thanks to 3D printing. SULI not only screwed to the life of any bottle turn it into a lamp, and the design is completely open source, help users to design and print their own modules. Do SULI hanging in the windows, used as a backpack lights? Or folder on your bike handlebars? These can be achieved.
    The company has designed and printed a few accessories such lamps but also open-source community of people willing to share their design and print a new module of excitement, incredible applications to achieve more.
SULI is very efficient, using three battery power 25 lumens, high brightness LED single charge can be sustained for 50 hours. General charging time is between 6-12 hours, depending on the total amount of available sunlight. This means that every day can be charged and then at night for lighting.
    SULI team behind not just want to profit in this invention, they changed the lives of people in third world countries as much as possible to find ways, from Bhutan, Haiti begins. In Bhutan, about 3,500 people live without water or lighting environments, including five schools, more than 800 students. SULI has partnered with Chilean charities America Solidaria, the charity will build four wells in the city, SULI these wells will provide lighting, if adequate funding of their projects, they will at least give schools Bhutan solar lighting solutions. Higher goal is to provide each individual city home lighting.