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Philips LED bulb falling prices

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-12
    Philips actively seize the LED lighting market in North America after the war low price point and then, opening the first shot slashed prices clear inventory, to Asia ignition, full sets of pure light LED bulb 6.5W kill more than 7% off the original price 249 yuan Taiwan dollars (equivalent to about 49.13 yuan) to sell 169 yuan (about 33.34 yuan RMB).
    Phillips said the high summer temperatures make home using electricity rising, want to save money, you do not realize the waste starting from everyday life. Global energy consumption, "lighting" that accounted for 19% of the total power consumption, if the lamp of the world can be transformed into LED, global power consumption from 19% to 11%, NT $ 5.1 billion a year could be saved Yuan.
    Philips Lighting Marketing Associate Peng Xiaolan said, LED lighting has become a new trend in the past two years, whether it is a new home purchase or exchange houses, renovation needs of consumers, can be wise to use LED products to easily save 85% of electricity amount, summer, Philips energy saving plan in response to the government, put forward "Philips energy-saving summer discount program," allowing consumers to save money over the feeling.
    Home decorating, lamps, lighting and even the light bulb to buy a new home decorating has become a school of learning, Philips also observed consumer home lighting not only pay attention to appearance, but the need for effective provincial purse of power-saving features, which, Philips encourage people Taihuan traditional energy saving light bulbs replaced with more energy-efficient LED lighting products.
    With immediate effect, Philips introduced 75W adjustable color temperature "Kou LED Ceiling" 9999 yuan (original price of 11,900 yuan, equivalent to about 2347.87 yuan)) discount program in Taiwan Rite; since Aug. 20, more pure light LED Bulb 6.5W more immediate concern under 169 yuan (original price 249 yuan) of goodies debut.
    Philips LED compared to traditional incandescent bulbs to use 10 hours a day, the total number of lamps 10, for example, if you replace the Philips LED bulb, per month can save up to 85% of the power consumption of about 690 yuan, and energy saving bulbs also can save half the cost compared to. In addition, Philips LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption, but without sacrificing light levels, and can significantly extend the life and reduce the number of lamp replacement and maintenance costs.