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A touch led wifi light

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-09
    Different colors symbolize different emotions, pass gives different information. In such an information society, without the express language seems to have been somewhat difficult. And John Harrison to create a language can convey emotion without Media: Filimin touch wifi lights. 

    The most special is just one touch, Filimin will change color. Moreover, it can achieve through wifi group function, when you press, other members can be perceived by a color change you. After the "information" side issue is received, the other also click the lamp, he said he had received. If three people or more, and each time the color change can be for all to see. No matter how remote location, even if the earth at both ends, you can also transfer their love to each other. Is not it amazing? 

    Without expression language is sometimes more visceral, more romantic. An "I love you" probably will not say every day, but Filimin seems that a small partner to help you convey a message. wifi function was just a decoration of light icing on the cake, became emotional exchange tool. You heart it?