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Hsinchu, Taiwan LED lights upgrade

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-09
     Hsinchu phasing out the traditional streetlight upgrade from 2013 high luminous efficiency LED lights, get a good energy saving effect, and now a number of mercury Hsinchu upgrade again, and loaded with intelligent street light control system.
    According to the Hsinchu City Government news, the city's 35,000 street lights have been upgraded to 70% of replacement LED lamps, the annual electricity savings of 34.35 million yuan Taiwan dollars (about 6.9 million yuan), in which the 6500 LED lights with intelligent control system . 

    Executive Yuan designated Hsinchu, Chiayi City, Keelung participation "LED street lamp demonstration city planning," Hsinchu implementation rate in the first row, after the power-hungry upgrade traditional mercury has a good energy saving effect and lower failure rate.
    Intelligent lights provided by connecting a network monitoring platform, using LED lights not only save electricity, reduce maintenance and efficient road lighting will enhance the Hsinchu night landscape effects, create green technology city image.