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British businesses ILS developed new LED Grow lighting system

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-07
    Recently, the British professional LED suppliers Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) announced Petunia development kits, to help engineers develop new LED plant growth lighting system. The toolkit is a major feature is the use of high-power LED generates three specific color, perfect for plant growth generated spectrum.
    ILS company director Adrian Amor said: "In terms of LED lighting assisted growth of plants, we see a clear trend .LED lamps can provide higher efficiency, better control and a more compact design in recent years, as the wavelength and. Developments in the field of power plants has become an important part of the lighting LED market. "
    The development kit is equipped with 12 LED of a printed circuit board (PCB), including warm white LED 6 个 150 ° and five 80 ° ultra-red LED and a blue light LED. Other assembly also includes a specially developed lens, power supply, heat sink and securing kit. Petunia LED light source is fixed on the aluminum substrate, to optimize thermal management, thermal resistance of 7K / W.
    Amor adds:.. "Petunia Kit makes engineers learned important plant LED lighting knowledge we will need professional development or customized solutions provide customers with in-house technical support and engineering team services in recent years, we plant production areas We have access to a wealth of experience. "
    It is reported that, ILS British display and photovoltaic technology solutions provider Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) its subsidiaries.