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Intelligent LED lighting plant by the European Patent

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-07
      According to reports, German intelligent lighting technology experts Heliospectra AB company related European patent application has been approved by the European Patent Office. It is understood that the company specializes in research and greenhouse plants aspect of intelligent LED lighting systems and famous. Following the United States, Russia, China, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong, Europe is the seventh approved Heliospectra core company of this patent area. The patent includes optimization   LED lighting plant culture and how to improve the efficiency of future greenhouse environment.

      Heliospectra's core technologies include different quality greenhouse plants quality control and light optimization systems. As a result, LED lighting can affect the appearance of the final product, color and taste. Just use less energy, for different types of greenhouse environment to do simple adjustments can be optimized to produce light better quality products and services. This innovative approach will create new opportunities for more growers to provide wider and better choice to produce the desired product more market.
      Heliospectra technology innovation is: the foundation of things (IoT) technology, it is a sensor (primarily used to detect the growth conditions of plants and how to use light) and a combination of advanced software to control lighting. This complete system is protected biofeedback series of patents and pending patents.
    Heliospectra most important product is the company's patented, energy-LX60 series LED systems. LX60 claiming to be the most advanced, modular LED lights can be used in commercial and R & D operations worldwide. LX60 supports wi-fi feature that allows on-line monitoring, scheduling and control. Other system features include external sensors and advanced software.