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The new environmentally friendly solar + wind LED lights

  • Author:abby
  • Source:Net
  • Release on :2015-10-06
    Energy saving ideas can now be said to be accepted by the people around us, there are many products are moving in the development of energy saving and environmental protection features. For outdoor lighting facilities, in fact, has a lot of room for improvement, most recently, foreign designers have brought us a very chic street lighting, this lamp not only joined the solar receiver, also supports wind energy, very chic. 

    The solar LED lights look very chic, giving a high-tech feel. In the top of the street lights with solar photovoltaic collection plate, for receiving solar energy, and a storage battery storage device in the end portion. More powerful is that, in addition to solar energy, wind energy also has a collection of functions. Streetlights middle position, with three wind power installations, whenever outdoors wind, you can drive the fan page to generate electricity, the same in the end portion of the electrical energy storage device can be in. 

    In appearance, this solar LED lights have four different colors, namely white, silver, green and black, these types of colors to meet the needs of different outdoor scenes. In terms of specific parameters, streetlights height of 1.453 m and a length of 0.29 m, a width of 0.56 m. Currently this idea is still in the design stage streetlights, but the designer said, will be completed within three months of manufacture, then we can see its true capacity of.