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India launches energy efficiency rating logo for LED lighting products

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-06
    According to Indian media reports, India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has launched energy efficiency rating logo (hereinafter referred to as "energy efficiency label"), similar to the US Energy Star.
    According BEE program launched in early July, before the end of December 2016, India LED manufacturers can use it to develop a voluntary energy efficiency labeling. Thereafter, the Government will require manufacturers to mandatory labeling on LED products in energy-efficiency labeling.
     Energy efficiency labeling is divided into five levels, from one to five stars, five stars for the best rating. According to the criteria established BEE luminous efficiency in the range of 79 ~ 90 lm / W LED lights will get two star rating; 90 ~ 105 lm / W LED lights will get Samsung rating; 105 ~ 120 lm / W LED lights will get four Star rating; and optical efficiency greater than 120lm / W products will get five-star rating. Click division, currently on the Indian market, a large number of LED products will be classified into two Samsung energy efficiency rating.
     In addition there are requirements for energy efficiency, BEE is also required to ensure the safety of these lighting products. Manufacturers need to ensure that products meet all safety standards, such as light biosafety.
    Currently, the Indian government is vigorously promoting the LED light source replacement project, this time to implement LED lighting products energy efficiency labeling is very important. The Indian government plans to March 2016 before the 100 cities in the country as street lighting upgrade.

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