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How to arrange lighting in office

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-05
    For a long time, most people on the lighting requirements in the "more light the better," but the development to the present, know how to enjoy the quality of life of the people is supposed to be comfortable, more humane now has become the trend of lighting development. What kind of office, only to meet the visual environment needs?
    1. To eliminate reflections. To comfort the first condition is not reflective glare. All sources should shield glare protection, avoid direct or indirect contact with the eyes or the lamp bulb light, reduce glare on the eyes. Therefore, the near-surface and decorative visual task performance within the room should adopt dull decorative materials. From a strict sense, as long as it can see a little glare, they are substandard design.
    2. Illumination uniformity. Brightness does, likely to cause retinal fatigue. Like background light is too strong, reflective glare computer screens, as well as a variety of lighting conditions of poor lighting design, so visually recognizable difficult to increase working time will be relatively prolonged. Work Environment and strong chiaroscuro visual target, it will cause the eye pupil sphincter contraction frequently, easily tired.
    3. Warm light color. Create an atmosphere that can dominate light color, color temperature performance of light texture is the protagonist. Color higher the value, the more bluish light, will create relatively calm atmosphere; at lower temperature, the more eccentric anomaly candlelight red and yellow, representing a soothing mood. In fact, the light closer to natural light as possible, and therefore the formation of artificial lighting and comfortable lighting environment design should be combined with the natural light. Use of natural light in the summer can save 30% of electricity consumption.