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August global LED bulb price highest US

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-10-04
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    According to Digitimes Research, 7W LED bulb (equivalent to 40W incandescent) decline in the Chinese market in August, the average retail price of 0.3 percent to 30.7 yuan, while 9W LED (equivalent to 60W incandescent) also saw a decline, down 10.9 percent to 34.2 yuan .
    August the Japanese market, the equivalent of 40W-60W LED bulb average retail price of 1,723 yen (about $ 14) to 2,751 yen, the former price improved 1.7%, which fell by 1.3%.
    According to Digitimes Research, August, 40W-60W equivalent LED light bulb in other markets, the average retail prices are:
    South Korea: 10,025 won (about 9 US dollars, up 1.2 percent), 12,966 won (up 2.0%);
    United States: $ 18.6 (up 2.8%), US dollar (down 4.1%), 18.5;
    Europe: 7.8 euros (about $ 9, down 17%), 12.4 euros (down 3.1%).
    In August, in the Korean market, sales of Samsung Electronics and Philips 40W equivalent LED bulb 60W equivalent LED bulb has an average price highest lumen ratio, respectively, 98.3 lumens / dollar and 125.9 lumens / dollar. In the luminous efficiency, in the Japanese market, Toshiba, Samsung equivalent 40W and 60W LED bulb has the highest average levels were 81.3 lm / W and 105.1 lm / W's.
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