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Simulate daylight change the body clock

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-30
    Lamps on the development of human civilization has had a profound impact, but its impact on the human body is another matter. More and more scientific evidence that artificial light will destroy the biological clock is responsible for the body's daily rhythms. Fortunately, the light bulb manufacturers are now trying to solve this problem - and of course, here refers not only these giants Philips and General Electric. 

    LED lamps manufacturers Saffron is the latest company to join the camp. According to reports, Saffron local time on June 23 began on the public website Kickstarter to raise financing for the Silk Light project. Silk Light is controlled by the application of a white LED lamp, the color temperature can be adjusted in order to avoid disrupting the body's natural sleep / wake cycle. According to Saffron said, Silk Light during the day can be issued luminescence exciting, warm and pleasant in the evening light will emit nearly 24 hours of natural light cycle changes.
    Urban lifestyle makes people enjoy only limited natural light, this will make people's circadian rhythm disorders, because the internal body clock is precisely trimmed to 24 hours a day / night cycle. Even worse is that many of us around with a display device emits blue light can suppress melatonin secretion, can inhibit sleep. Some researchers and Saffron and other manufacturers believe that the answer to solve this problem is to make the bulb to simulate daylight in one day change the color temperature and brightness.
Use of existing support smart bulb color temperature adjustment can accomplish this task? You may be able to, but very difficult. Silk Light and its supporting application is designed to address this problem and developed. Users can follow the default plan, may be set at different times of the week, different bulb (or bulbs group) of the brightness and color temperature in advance. Users can even according to the specific activity of the Silk Light settings. 

    Saffron TechHive sent to an e-mail said, "so that we are different from other major lamp nClick our technology with our unique nClick system, the user can press the 1 or 2 under the light switch, changing light bulbs Settings ", Silk Light does not require the user to increase the wiring or installing other components.
    According to Saffron it said, users can take advantage of application-specific switches pressed Silk specific operation mode (supports any standard wall switch). For example, users can specify pressing or two of rest and relaxation mode switch is activated; similarly, the switch can be activated by pressing three times the training mode, lighting issue at the beginning of an exciting, bright and cold, with the exercise to a close, the transition to the cause relaxing light. 

    Silk Light uses ZigBee wireless networking protocol, via a ZigBee-WiFi bridge communications with the smart phone. Silk Light brightness equivalent to 60 watt incandescent, energy consumption is 12 W, luminous flux of 800 lumens. Silk Light color temperature range of 2700K-6000K. It contains 3 Silk Light bulbs and a bridge suit on Kickstarter reservation price of $ 99 (about 605 yuan). Saffron plans to raise $ 100,000 (about 610,000 yuan).

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