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6 full theatrical beautiful lightings

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-29
  For young artists, the home is decorated a little taste, art a little romantic place, this is enough to force the grid. Orange glow in the nostalgic tone, blue and white porcelain bottle painted peony, but do not pass master paintings gallery ... So, Xiaobian to recommend to you some of the lamps with a strong literary temperament, in fleeting moments in stop and listen to home the warmth and comfort.
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  Wrought iron chandelier with diamond cages, Nordic IKEA industrial style

  DOOK STUDIO hand-made wood leather lamp.

  Pastoral modern minimalist lighting fixtures. Bamboo skin minimalist lighting, natural bamboo production, pure hand-prepared, circle around the embedded and diffused, like budding flowers, but think of the old sepak takraw, both designed to render the style, but also the original natural flavor.

  Use clear crease fabric shade, add lighting and elegant fashion sense. Exquisite carved palm shape, bringing young artists like facing the sea enjoy, as if still smell the salty sea air.

  Wood lamp. Ao Duomu series of lamps, with ash wood as a base timber, the full expression of the beauty of the wood structure, above mild as honey wood color, is a quiet and elegant beige shade, between stainless steel member is connected, the overall shape and generous intellectual, both natural and fresh, but also Hokuriku simple, more scholarly tenderness.

  Modern stacking chandeliers, the Big Bang of modern ideas. 

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