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Strawberry lovers Click here!

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-26

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  People like to eat strawberries blessed! Taiwan ITRI use light-emitting diode (LED) light source, Da greenhouse with energy-saving cooling techniques and specially designed A tower-shaped three-dimensional cultivation, success for strawberry production season extended twice.

  Subject to the weather conditions, the main production of strawberries Taiwan for about 12 months to April. ITRI ​​team in sunlight greenhouse in, during the strawberry growing, using energy-saving cooling control technology to simulate the most suitable temperature and humidity strawberry growing; plus the patented design of A tower-shaped three-dimensional cultivation, drainage and sunshine make strawberry conditions less susceptible to external natural climatic conditions.

  Shortage of places in the sunshine, with LED auxiliary light source, so that the production of strawberries successfully extended to August-September; the entire strawberry production season extended doubled. Due to the greenhouse cultivation of strawberries, only trace amounts of pesticides in the seedling stage to add control pests, during strawberry growing use of biological predators and non-pesticidal materials do pest control, and with bee pollination, fruit development to promote full, you can ensure that the harvest of strawberries compared with no pesticide residues.

  ITRI ​​team while optimizing the use of plant LED light source system technology to help viticulture; not only helps fruit grow grapes, but also to increase grape anthocyanins ingredients, but also energy-efficient than traditional spiral bulb for more than 80%.

  Branch, deputy director of the institute in greenhouse Systems Technology Center Huang Tianfu said that the LED light source applications in terms of plant growth, is a major breakthrough in recent years, has been the use of related technologies, respectively, in Yunlin and Changhua strawberries, grapes planted farmland assistance .

  Huang Tianfu said that Taiwan LED optoelectronics industry with a complete supply chain and custom design capabilities, advanced cultivation techniques, especially agriculture leads the world, if the advantages of combining the two, will be able to create a globally competitive high added value and high-quality LED light source applications produce

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