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Millet build eco Yeelight bedside lamp

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-26

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  On the millet "be tolerant to diversity" conference, in addition to the new routes and the protagonist millet, millet also come up with a "small gift" --Yeelight bedside lamp, millet ecosystem of products, priced 249 yuan.

Yeelight bedside lamp in addition to color, haze and transparency to achieve the best results, simple handling outside. In appearance, we also make it more like home decorations as delicate.

  Yeelight touch area at the top of the bedside lamp is used with the Apple iPod touch touch buttons like Cypress chip suppliers, allowing more sensitive and precise touch control. The top button hole and keys are used CNC precision cutting machine, make keys and lampshade perfect fit.

  Yeelight bedside lamp shade using a two-color injection molding, the outer layer is transparent PC layer, the inner layer is a layer of light diffusion PC;

  PC transparent layer: LG Chemical PC material, light transmission rate of more than 92%, 2.1mm color injection molding process, the surface A2 grade high-gloss, shiny, crystal clear.

  PC light diffusion layer: Samsung PC material, increase titanium dioxide, light diffusion agents, brighteners, through the deployment of thousands of custom made, to color, haze, the best results transparency, ensure bedside lamp, whether in the open under or closed state is like a work of art;

  Since the bedside lamp light barrel diameter of 100mm, reaching a high of 210mm, very difficult to manufacture, we end up using more than a large-scale color injection molding machine 250T injection molding manufacturing, 10W clean workshop production environment; thus completing perfected cylindrical shaped appearance, shade the surface without draft angle, high challenge mold designs.

  Yeelight bedside lamp base consistent with our MacBook Pro surface craft, 2500T aluminum extrusion machine extrusion integrally molded, CNC precision CNC cutting machine tools, high structural strength, impact collision. Precision CNC lathe polishing, consistent with the iPhone 5s anodizing process, hard protective layer may be formed on the surface, do not fade, wear resistance, corrosion resistance; while increasing the cooling area, even if the lamp body temperature at 25 , the maximum power 24 hours of continuous work, the base temperature can be maintained below 45 .

  Also worth mentioning is the bedside lamp power socket, in order to ensure that every detail is perfect, the power jack on the base of a lamp using high-precision CNC CNC machining.

  Since the bedside lamp is composed of a combination of the top shade and aluminum base, in order to ensure a whole of the lamp shade and base will be produced through a special process, so that they stay within the roundness of 0.2mm, so shade and base on to achieve seamless connectivity, feel better!

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