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Creative LED lights part2

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-25
1. touched on bright bird 
  Really do not have confidence to feed the birds, you can use this simple cage lamp feel. After opening the switch, adjust to Vibration mode, every touch of a lamp cage wall between the bright lights / highlight / off switch three states. Lonely and birds talk on it. 

2.The light emitting Globe 
  Miss sometimes like a small globe, I would head the family at the other end. The Broadcom globe, said common nor ordinary, its shell made of high transmittance of plastic material, so that the internal LED lights can be easily revealed. Turn off the lights at night, like the Earth's crust where lava gushing out soon. 

3. DIY Wall Kaleidoscope 
  This is the "adult science", the PRC, produced the Four Seasons Star Projector, equipped with only basic materials, how to assemble from across the lamp depends on your ability. Part of the lamp shade is used in PET and ABS plastic material, as well as iron battery contacts, screws, copper wire what, technical control of their favorites. Believe me, the assembly also switch after opening moment, you'll see the whole galaxy at your home, you can still see the constellation Oh. 

4. Milk Cup Night Light 
  Do not speak, did this first cup light bulb. The language of love Man Nightlight modeling is bowlful cup of milk, plastic material, quality is only 0.5 kg, whether on the bed or holding in your hand, the mood every minute came out. 

5. descend to the moon light 
  Festive moon, with festive lights, why not. The light from unexpected design, wood materials, welcome lamp shone wood lines, like in the pillow placed a small moon, perfect fit Autumn warm atmosphere. The limited edition Constellation moon lights for each constellation are designed special crystal embellishment, and subtly in light frame design that can be inserted into the plant holes, so that each lamp is unique to your style.