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Creative LED lights part1

  • Author:abby·
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-25
1. origami lamp
  ORIGAMI LAMP, origami lamp, not in paper as raw material, but the shape of the design in accordance with the origami, and this origami folding is not regular, like group is out of paper. The lamp material is 0.6 mm stainless steel use as shade, no lamp, lamppost, internal release by refraction bright lights, a variety of colors to choose from. As a decoration of the room, this is a good design.

2. The color value and IQ coexistence "hammer" lamp
  Wastberg brand launched by the Industrial facility w152 lamps, lighting can not only play the role, but also charge for our wide range of electronic devices. Which lamp through three USB sockets provide universal power to external devices. What is more, no matter how many different devices simultaneously inserted, lamps are able to detect the charging requirements and the fastest speed to charge the device, a rod stay. 

  The lamp base is made of forged aluminum recycling material, the surface of the anode polished, while Mike's like round cap and rectangular cap like a hammer in two shapes. It has a stand-alone and embedded desktop two, freestanding lamp simply with a mobile power dangling everywhere. Because stand-alone portable features, in the house where they can they go with, closely follow your footsteps.

3. The moon cake Lights
  Do not doubt that this is just only the lights. WEIS design from the design team, last year by the public to raise production of this moon cake lamp. Diameter 6 cm, 4 cm thick, translucent wax modeling material to build, also mixed with paraffin oil, lavender, lemon, lily, jasmine four kinds of flavor optional. Just say that, do not eat it.