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Smart table lamp with four USB ports can voice control

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-24
  Most of us every night for the intelligent charging device at the bedside, we also want to be able to at bedtime bedside lamp closed, open during waking. So, the entire home control are concentrated in the idea of ??bed is not it worth a try 

  Luzi Smart Lamp intelligent lamp has been quick step, intended to be the above-mentioned ideas into reality. Its not only able to indoor lighting, but also through a programmable LCD touch screen timekeeping, four USB ports enough for multiple smartphones and tablets charging. In addition, the lamp is also available through Qi and PMA certified wireless charging, Apple Watch users can find special charging cradle. The LED lamp lights can change color, you can set it to any color preferences, color temperature range is quite wide, from warm orange to bright white, everything. Luzi team said the product can help users achieve a better quality of sleep.
  Luzi Lamps Amazon Echo borrowed ideas, through built-in microphone picked up the user's voice commands, and built-in Bluetooth speaker sound is used. This means that the user can adjust the light intensity by voice or playing with their favorite music. Meanwhile, the manufacturers promise, lamps will provide compatibility with third-party smart products such Switchmate, FitBit or Lockitron Bolt, this way, the user can interact via voice commands and other smart home products. Before bedtime by spoken commands to ensure the door is locked not make you feel more at ease it?
  Lamps have such a capability is clearly not fuel, which sells for $ 399 (about 2477 yuan), to raise public participation Indiegogo early supporters can buy for $ 269 (about 1670 yuan) price, the price still a lot of money. Events will begin on June 23.
  Unlike the Nexus 7 and Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone does not provide local Qi or PMA compatibility, the user needs to use through special accessories.
Luzi designers said they would develop their own voice command system, while integrating third-party software, including Google's to be added.
  Luzi active use of other market forces to promote their products. IFTTT of its support for the promotion of products will undoubtedly play a positive role, a move that allows the device to work on Wink or SmartThings internet. Lamps also equipped with a built-in temperature sensor.
  The company said, Luzi lamp is scheduled to be available in March 2016.

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