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The world's thinnest side-emitting three-color LED module advent

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-22

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  Japan Citizen Electronics has developed a reflective plate came with a side light emitting type 3-color LED module "CL-426". According to the company's release of information on the height of the module is only 0.35mm, 22% lower than existing products "CL-425", in the accompanying side-emitting type reflecting plate 3-color LED module is the world's thinnest.

  According to reports, three-color LED module built in RGB (red, green, blue) 3 LED, through different lighting combinations, can exhibit a variety of colors, can be used in smart phones, wearable terminals, personal computers, game consoles, etc. lights and colored decorative purposes. Among them, the smart phone manufacturers and other companies in order to achieve differentiation, case decorated with colored lights more and more.

  New products through the use of new construction Citizen Electronics developed to achieve a thickness of only 0.35mm. While the longitudinal dimension is reduced 45%, to achieve the overall miniaturization. In addition, after the thickness is reduced, usually brightness damaged, and the new product through independent design, but also to achieve a higher brightness than the original product.

  New Products Sample shipments will begin in July 2015.

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