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LED lights can simulate the effect of a new large ambient light system

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-22

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  Recently, Inovatek Electronics has introduced a new set of ambient light system called "AmbiLED HD" of. Understandably, this AmbiLED HD system that can emit ambient light corresponding to the current computer or TV screen by showing color, thereby enhancing the visual effect when viewed

  The AmbiLED HD system with up to 512 LED (8.5 meters long), and only requires a 3-pin connector. It only need to use a separate self-adhesive LED lights, totally do not need to connect additional wires can be used. AmbiLED HD in the use of very simple, just to the 3-pin connector to the AmbiLED HD controller, while using the AC adapter to power it. Finally, only need to connect the controller to the computer's USB port, you can enjoy all this.

Earlier, this system has landed AmbiLED HD website Kickstarter to raise public conduct fund raising, research and development team hopes to raise 33,000 pounds of funding to carry out the next step of production.

  AmbiLED HD R & D team introduced this principle: Although human sight, can be clearly imaged only a very limited area of ​​6 degrees, but our entire field of vision as much as 120 degrees there. When you watch video or play games although clear imaging area is very limited, but can still feel all eyes across the field of view, of course, including the outline of an object and the background and so on. According to this principle, according to the contents of the display to change the ambient light color, the visual effect will be even better.

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