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Chennai install over 48,000 LED lights replace aging light

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-21

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  According to a policy report before the General Assembly on Friday, showed that in the city Chennai, India has installed 48,034 energy-efficient LED street lights, a historic record.

  Policy report said the project required LED lights will cost 101,000 rupees, will cost 3.22 billion rupees after the expansion of the field. So far, the city has 48,034 LED lights has replaced internal roads and traffic thoroughfare of CFL bulbs and aging of sodium.

   The report said, it is worth mentioning that no other company in Chennai Municipal Corporation would like to install such a large number of such LED lights. As of March 2016, the remaining 61,966 street lights will be fully installed. It is reported, LED lights than the sodium vapor lamp power consumption is about 40% less.

  Chennai company maintain 248,467 streetlights in the city. These lights around 19MW of electricity consumed per month, a year cost the company about 20 million rupees.

  Nearly 15,000 street lights every night to work properly. The company has not received any complaints in this regard broken street lights, more complaints about the danger of stray dogs and improper waste disposal.

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