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Lovely LED lights! Have you seen it?

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-18

  Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO., LTD. China led flood light factorywaterproof led lamps supplier chinaled RGB light supplier in china

  Recently " Minions" movie hit, because the advantages of natural appearance, giving the film a lot of immunity, is a record box-office records. The original can make money selling Cute, your little friends Cute value worth money in the end. For small series, born without sprouting potential, but in small series where the LED industry, mining some of you look absolutely adorable heart of LED products.

  This super kawaii, adorable blood you look bird lanterns, rechargeable power storage, touch dimmer, unlimited practical, green energy anywhere, only half a year of electricity consumption.

  This is a powerful light fixtures, Saobao design, elastomer connections, make lampshades swing 360 degrees of freedom, better able to withstand the pressure 10KG beat. Built-in Bluetooth technology to connect with any device with Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy unlimited freedom bondage, also it supports FM, TF card and line input.

  Multifunction creative touch lamp, simple elegant, lettering, you can listen to music, the brightness can be adjusted freely.

  Origami LED lamp design was inspired by the book, "a book can light up your mind", it's designed with intuitive features, simply open the lid to open it, then open the lid it becomes brighter. Lumio compact structure, folded into 2.5cm thick book, but it provides 500 lumens of high-quality lighting. Supports the choice of strong light six hours, you can choose to use a computer or USB for charging.

  Which purification lights set table lamp, cleaner in one, you can remote control, you no longer have to stand up to move around too much trouble! It can effectively reduce the air MP2.5, let you breathe breathing air; it has three non-glare light, so that you protect your eyes; it is energy saving and long service life, make you more peace of mind!

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